World Water Day with Henkel at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus

Last Friday on World Water Day, Henkel ambassadors and 4 Girl Guides joined our Cactus schoolhouse to educate our children on environmental sustainability. They shared with the children what sustainability is and ways on how we can do our part by practising the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Our children even brought back certificates to commemorate this day.

Practising the 3Rs  

Reduce – Using only what you need

On top of your head, can you think of some examples of thrash that your child produce? (eg: sweet wrappers, juice box, clothes). From there, you can easily educate your child on how their waste can be reduced by using reusable options. For instance, during parties you can opt to use reusable food wares to minimise usage of disposable ones.

Reuse – Reuse items for the same or a new purpose

Most of the time, you might be surprised on how many things go unused. There are many items of which children can rapidly grow out from such as clothes and shoes. You can reuse clothes by expanding it to a larger size or sewing it into blankets. Items like textbooks and shoes that are still of good condition, passing it on to others or donating them will be a good way for others to reuse them.

Recycle – Convert waste into useful products

Do you know what are you throwing in your bins? Often, we throw items that can actually be recycled. Items like paper, glass, plastic and metal are a few that we overlook. But how do we remind ourselves everyday? A good place to start will be setting up a recycling station for your family. By doing so, it can serve as a reminder to your family and your child. It will help your little one to be more mindful of their thrash and slowly cultivate good recycling habits.

Educating our children about recycling is a simple way to teach them about our environment. From reducing wastage and up-cycling items, our children will develop an environmentally friendly mentality and continue preserving the environment for the future!

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