Project HEART with APSN

On 20th April 2018, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton launched Project HEART which aims to encourage and enhance children and parents’ learning about inclusion. Together with the Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN), Project HEART is part of Start Small Dream Big, an Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) initiated-project.

Our children learn to share and include their new friends from APSN by putting on the SSDB hat for them!

Time to loosen some muscles with a dance! The children learned and practised those moves with their new friends.

The children from Kiddiwinkie Newton and APSN took turns to paint their hands in brightly hued colours and decorated the Project HEART banner with each of their unique handprints.

This launch ceremony is just the start of Project HEART!

Throughout Project HEART from April to July 2018, there will be various activities from classroom teachings, parent’s workshops, to exchange programmes and further collaboration between the schools. Our teachers will put together suitable activities which will allow children from both schools to come together and interact through games and fun-filled crafts.

Our partner at APSN will also be placing some APSN-branded items for sale at our school. All proceeds will go back to the children at APSN.

Stay tuned with us through the process of Project HEART with Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton and APSN!