Project HEART with APSN – The Journey Continues…

After the launch party back in April, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton continues our journey with Project HEART together with Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN) during the June Holidays.

Throughout the three weeks of activities, our K1 and K2 children will be covering on the various topics of Physical Disabilities, Mental Disabilities and How We Can Help People with Special Needs. It aims to allow our children to understand the world of our friends with special needs and through this understanding, learn to be more inclusive and considerate to others.

The first week of our program focuses on Physical Disabilities. Our children were introduced to the different types of physical disabilities – physically handicapped, visually handicapped and hearing impairment.

To help our children understand about blindness and what it means, we conducted an activity where the children were blindfolded and tasked to identify different items with their sense of touch. They also had to use their sense of hearing, while still being blindfolded, to follow their classmates’ instructions to draw different objects on the whiteboard. Our children shared about their experiences from these activities and further discussed how they can help those people who are visually handicapped.

By the end of their first week, our children at our Newton campus created a mind map on physical disabilities and presented their understanding to their friends to conclude their experiences and understanding to their first topic – Physical Disabilities.

The children from APSN were also invited back the following week where they had an activities-filled day with our children; from creating canvas art together for their art and crafts to dance class with our Dancing Toes instructor to storytelling from Helang Books’ authors!

That’s not all! We will continue to follow our children from Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton and APSN through their amazing journey! Till next time!

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