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Creativity- Inspired Preschool


Based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles, we tap into our children’s innate desire to explore and discover the world around them.

The hands-on activities allow our children to develop 21st century soft skills such as creativity, innovation and resilience through uninterrupted play.

These activities encourage the children to innovate and explore to bring their ideas to life within a controlled play space.

Vitamin C Programme

A character development programme, Vitamin C aims to encourage, motivate, and nurture our children to cultivate good moral values.

Each term, the children will work on a particular value and reinforce the concept of the value weekly, through activities stories, songs, role-play activities, games and fun crafts. By doing this, it builds a bond of belief, trust and hope between the teacher and child!


As an extension of Vitamin C, this programme encourages collaboration and further develops communication and critical thinking skills.

By giving them a platform for planning, invention, risk assessment, and presentation, our little ones have the opportunity to innovate and put their ideas in motion to impact the wider community.

Literacy Rich Environment and Language Focus

Tailored to meet each child’s reading ability and interest, we provide a collection of recommended titles for our students to bring home every weekend in our Individualised Reading Programme.

In addition, we foster presentation skills, and encourage our children to practise their writing through various journaling activities.

International Culture & Cuisine Day

Held once every two months at various Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse campuses, children are engaged in an array of activities relating to a selected country, opening their eyes to the vast cultures of the world!

Holiday Camps & Workshops

Our K2s can look forward to the annual K2 Resilience Camp organised at the end of each year.

The camp’s activities encourage them to collaborate and work closely as a team to succeed – skills that would be essential for formal schooling in Primary 1 and beyond!

What’s more, our Primary 1 Building Bridges Workshop, which includes creative writing activities in both English and Mandarin, ensures that our graduands are armed with school-readiness skills.

Art Impressions

Our Artsy Fingers programme celebrates how every child is an artist because art creation is an individual’s interpretation and expression. Drawing inspiration from literature themes, our children will learn how to use different mediums and art techniques to express their thoughts and creativity!

Music and Movement

Our Dancing Toes programme exposes our children to the various forms and styles of dance – from the foundations of classical ballet, to the modern styles of KPOP and hip hop.

In addition, our weekly music and movement sessions, as well as optional musical programmes in piano, will spark your child’s interest in the arts!


Sports and active play have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. Our fun, interactive, inspirational training (FIIT) programme aims to instill healthy lifestyle habits and sportsmanship through a mix of indoor gym activities and outdoor sports!


In today’s globalised society, we understand the importance of bilingualism. With a focus on the conversational aspect of Mandarin, we develop our children’s oral, reading, writing and presentation skills by introducing everyday topics and themes.

Japanese and Korean are also being offered as a Mother Tongue option for our foreign students, and as language enrichment courses for local students.

What Our Parents Say

Schedule a visit to Singapore’s
Creativity- Inspired Preschool

Kiddiwinkie’s creativity inspired curriculum is inclusive of enrichment programmes such as Dancing Toes (dance) and Artsy Fingers (fine arts).

Together with our play-based and school readiness approaches, we ensure a progressive and enriching learning journey for our young charges.