Philosophy & Pedagogy

Kiddiwinkie Philosophy
What do we stand for?
01 Child’s Play
Interest. Engage. Educate.
Curiosity and wonder are precious components of a child’s education. We strive to nurture this curiosity through child’s play. We engage, educate and challenge our children; this enables them to discover their own talents and abilities.
Every child should also acquire important social skills and confidence, which is easily achieved in the fun, relaxed and safe environment that Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse provides.
02 Global Perspective
Be Globally Aware.
In today’s interconnected global world, we recognise the need to prepare our children to thrive in the new world marketplace. Here at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we inspire our children to be curious about the world and to be globally aware.


With a strong team of international teachers and specially designed enrichment programmes that cover areas in various sectors such as arts, sports, dance, drama and music, our children are taught to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures, making culture exposure an aspect of everyday life.
03 Literature Rich Environment
Speak. Write. Read.
From the furnishing of classrooms and hallways with book shelves featuring renown authors to the interactions with peers and teachers, every element of the school is designed to allow students to explore the wonders of literacy. Here at Kiddiwinkie, we create a literature rich environment to emphasise the importance of speaking, writing and reading in our students’ learning journey.
04 Leadership Cultivation
Develop self-confidence, express more thoughts and opinions
We recognise that instilling leadership qualities in young children is a very important requirement in today’s world. With our extensive curriculum and enrichment programmes, we help develop our children’s self confidence by providing them with various platforms and opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions in front of others.
05 Holistic Learning
Nurture all-rounded individuals
We aim to nurture our children into all-rounded individuals in a caring, holistic environment that develops interests, hones abilities and evokes creativity.
06 Student-Teacher Ratio
Every child’s needs are catered for.
Our exemplary student-teacher ratio plays an integral role in the success of the programmes at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse. We believe in providing an enriched, flexible differentiated curriculum based on teacher’s observation of each child, ensuring that every child’s needs are catered for.

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