Learning Through Play

New-aged parents believe learning through play during the early years is more meaningful than simply sitting in the classroom! With the common goal to interest, engage and challenge your child, here are some bonding play activities mummies can do with their little one.

Water Play



Pour, squirt and stir – these are opportunities for your child to hone his/her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The resistance from the water serves as strength and balance training too! Water play can even improve your child’s problem-solving skills by introducing the idea of density – “sink and float”. The kiddos that are ready to progress from the tub can explore the water parks in Singapore. You’re bound to find one in close proximity to where you live!

Sand Play

There are endless possibilities when it comes to handling sand! The unique texture of sand makes sand play advantageous in helping your child develop the sense of touch while fostering physical development. Give your child a few simple tools like measuring cups and spoons to introduce measurement terms, units and other mathematical concepts.

Sand play can also be a great site for preverbal communication and language development. Children can learn and practice new vocabulary or phrases by describing their experiences while playing with sand! Check out our list of sand play areas!

Pretend Play

Children aspire to be many things. A chef, doctor or musician – these decisions require advanced thinking strategies and communication. Children learn to negotiate, consider different perspectives, assign tasks and roles, and link different information and ideas. It is also one of the first ways for children and their parents to discover their likes and dislikes, interest and abilities! For a fun weekend outing, visit these pretend play playgrounds in Singapore!

Messy Play


Don’t be so quick to stop your kiddo the next time he/she jumps into a muddy puddle or gets clay all over their face – these are some forms of messy play and yes, not all mess is bad! Such activities incorporate rich, sensory experiences that allow children to express their emotions and ideas through manipulating materials. Our children also learn about cause and effect by mixing colours and moulding shapes. So go on, get your hands and feet dirty!

Sensory Play

Our favourite memories are associated with more than one of our senses – the warm smell of toast and freshly brewed ‘kopi’ at breakfast. Anytime you come across these familiar smell or taste, you are often brought back to those special moments. The essence of sensory play is to learn through real experiences to make sense of the world. As such, sensory play activities should begin as a baby! For the pre-schoolers, try out these simple experiments at home! Let them feel the prickly cold sensation of an ice cube to learn the concept of melting or observe the water trickling down by the surface of a cold beverage to learn to concept of condensation!

At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we expose our children to different forms of messy play. Find out how by signing up for a school tour today!