International Culture & Cuisine Day

As part of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse’s philosophy to nurture a cosmopolitan child, our International Culture & Cuisine Day aims to engage our children in an array of activities relating to a country and open their eyes to the vast cultures of the world!

On 25th May 2018, our children from Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ The Grandstand “travelled” to Hawaii! Known for its beautiful islands, beaches and lush floras, our children came to school decked in Hawaiian-styled clothing. From games to art activities to eating Hawaiian food, they learnt about the Hawaiian culture and tradition through an inquiry and play-based approach.

Titled ‘Hawaiian Relay’, our children played five mini-games for the relay.

  1. Ring Toss – Children have to stand at the marking and try to put the rings through the giant cones.
  2. Flip Flop Toss – Two teachers holding up a hula hoop each and the children have to try to flip the slipper on either of their foot into the hula hoop. Our teachers also made this game more fun and challenging by moving the hoops!
  3. Limbo – As every tradition limbo, our teachers held onto each side of the stick while children make their way across.
  4. Coconut Bowling – Children have to use a coconut as a bowling ball and knock down the pins.
  5. Watermelon Eating – Children have to attempt to eat the slice of watermelon without using their hands.

They also learnt some Hawaiian dance moves and they grooved to the upbeat music. During their meal time, our children had grilled chicken wrap and made a fruit coconut tree using banana and pear!

They even drew and painted Tiki Masks. Originated from the Polynesian culture, tiki masks are hand-carved wooden masks meant to permeate its wearer with strength and used to protect them from evil spirits.

Our children had a fun-filled day learning and understanding a different culture and tradition of their own. Here at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we recognize the needs to prepare our children to thrive in the current global landscape. Our children are taught to appreciate, communicate and interact with people from different cultures, making culture exposure an aspect of everyday life!

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