Fun ways to encourage your child to hydrate

During this period, the air quality in Singapore remains unhealthy due to the haze condition. Parents with young children are advised to stay indoors and keep the doors and windows closed at home when the PSI is in the unhealthy range (PSI level 100 and above). At this time, children are more vulnerable to falling ill as their immune system and lung defense mechanisms are not fully grown. Haze consists of dense smoke, vapor, dust, and moisture. The harmful particles cause our bodies to experience symptoms such as eye, throat and skin irritation.

At Kiddiwinkie, we identify our children who are unwell and have respiratory problems and pay special care to this group of children. Each air purifier from every classroom will be switched on during this period. Outdoor activities will also be minimized if PSI levels reach higher than 100.

According to Ministry Of Health, there is currently no mask suitable for children below the age of 7. Preschoolers and infants should instead minimize prolonged outdoor activities. Parents are advised to keep windows and doors closed and use a fan or air-conditioning to ventilate their homes.

Apart from using air purifiers at home, parents are encouraged to keep their children hydrated. Drinking water can actually help to flush out toxins absorbed by our lungs and skin. Here are some ways you can make drinking water fun.

Infused water recipes

Photo credit: Simplemost

The key for this to be successful is to use your child’s favourite fruits. If he loves oranges, go for an orange lime cucumber recipe. Provide him with some fruit options and let him pick out which fruits he wants, let him chop and add the fruits in the water himself. He will feel empowered and the tasteless water will taste sweet and yummy just like his favourite fruits.

Be a role model

Parents are the few people your child will mimic and follow. Ensure that you drink plenty of water when you are with them as a subtle way to encourage them to follow you.

Drinking through his new sippy cup

sippy cup

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Little children love to feel independent, allow your child to pick out his own sippy cup and if you like, throw in a fun straw for them to drink from. Once he has a sense of ownership to his sippy cup, explain to him that it can be only used for drinking water and you will be surprised how many times he will ask for more water!

Make water accessible for your child

During meal times, place their cup of water within their reach and when you are out, make sure to always place the bottle of water near him. You should also consider installing a water dispenser that is child-friendly and self-serve. If getting water is easily accessible, he will be more likely to take it.