Fun All Day with Sensory Play

“What good can sensory play bring to my child?” you might ask.

For starters, how about developing problem solving skills?  Also impacting values like cooperation and turn-taking?

Since sensory play not only engages a child’s natural curiosity and imagination, it also includes the use of all five senses to create new discovery experiences for them.

It gets better.

The hands-on, play activities allow the children to articulate and express their feelings with their friends and teachers.

Plus, constructing tangible items gives the young ones a sense of achievement.

Featuring our brand-new sand and water play areas at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus and Braddell, here are some great advantages of sensory play!

  1.  Sensory play aids in their physical development

By digging, sifting and pouring the sand and water, these sensory experiences develops the muscles in their hands and wrists.

Hand-eye coordination comes into play here as well.  Our little tots would need to pour the substances from one container to another which trains the control on their arms – hand movement.

With this practice of handling tool effectively, holding a pencil for writing in class would not seem that difficult anymore!

2.  It reinforces Math and Science concepts

Be it warm or cool, rough or smooth, these sensory attributes help the little ones understand the different characteristics of the sand or water!

The play activities can also reinforce mathematical concepts such as measurement and spatial concepts, and even basic Physics concepts such as flow and motion.

Choosing the right moulds to create their desired shapes in the sand, or the right sized bucket to transfer water would be a great introduction to basic mathematical concepts.

What’s more, lessons in non – standard measurement come alive when they pour water or sand into different sized containers!

Fun during water play at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ CactusOur little ones at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus having fun at their new water play area, learning the numeracy concept of “More or Less!”


Water Play at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ BraddellPresenting our new water play area at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Braddell. We bet our children can’t wait to have their play sessions here!


      3.  It develops their social skills

What better way to deepen friendships by building a sandcastle together?

This simple activity allows the children to communicate and cooperate with each other to accomplish goals they set for themselves.

It can be such a heartwarming (and amusing) sight to see the children communicate and work together to build their masterpieces.

In the process of trying out various ways and equipment, they are able to exchange ideas, and understand each other’s preferences.

The best part of this play activity is how much the children can surprise you with their creativity and imagination!

Teachers can also ensure that the children say their “please” and thank you” while asking for a toy. Be it reinforcing manners or key concepts, there are plenty of learning points to be taken away!

Sharing during sandplay at KW CactusOur sand play feature at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus. Sharing is indeed caring for others!

Ultimately, a sensory play session is an open-ended lesson of experimentation and creativity, where children become avid explorers of the world around them.

But best of all, they have fun, and love learning and discovering!

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