Fathers’ Day Celebration at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ The Grandstand

Happy Fathers’ Day to all our super daddies! 👨🏻

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ The Grandstand celebrated Fathers’ Day in collaboration with one of our embedded enrichment – Tinytots! Just in time for our highly-anticipated World Cup that happens quadrennially. But unlike the World Cup, Fathers’ Day is celebrated yearly to ‘honour our fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society’.

Prior to the arrival of the celebration, our little ones have been preparing their artworks in line with Fathers’ Day and our teachers displayed them up to decorate the centre!

Our daddies dressed in their sports attire as they arrived at the campus in the morning.  We started off with some icebreakers for our daddies to get acquainted with other another. After the icebreakers, our daddies gathered with their little ones and we proceeded to the open field by the centre for the main highlight of the day!

Located by the premier pitch, our Tinytots coaches were all ready for a fun-filled morning. We had 3 stations for our father-child activities where the coaches conducted age appropriate soccer drills and matches – shooting station, fun games/coordination station, and match station. Parents can participate in all the activities as they were designed specially to have some parent-accompanied elements.

One of the activities we had was Goalkeeper, where our daddies took turns to be a goalkeeper and our little ones had to try scoring a goal! The atmosphere was full of cheering and encouragements. Especially during the match station where each father-child pair had a match-off to see who is the fastest to reach the ball at the end.

Everyone is a winner – all our daddies are a winner and hero in their child’s heart; and likewise, all our children are a winner in their father’s.

We also had a “Silliest Daddy and I” photo contest where we displayed a wall of silly photos taken with their daddies! All the photos are so adorable and loving; definitely, a moment to remember. ❤