Developing a Cosmopolitan Child – Kiddiwinkie’s Immersion and Cultural Exchange Programme

In today’s landscape of an interconnected global world, developing a cosmopolitan child from a younger age is getting more apparent. As part of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse’s effort in cultivating cultural awareness and respect in our children, we embarked on a cultural learning experience with our K1 and K2 children from our Newton campus!

On 27th April 2018, we had an immersion and cultural exchange programme in collaboration with Unicentre Global Education (UGE) – Global Classroom and Harvard Star Education Institution – our partner from Sichuan, Chengdu.

Our Kiddiwinkie children gathered at the dance studio and waited in anticipation for the arrival of their new friends from Chengdu.

When the students and teachers from Harvard Star arrived, our children gave them a warm and lively welcome with mini pom-poms and banner flags! Our Lao Shi then gave an exciting introduction and introduced the children to their new buddy for the day.

To kick-start the programme, we took class photos with their new classmates and teachers. The children became friends very quickly as they started sharing their excitement with each other.

Now it’s back to the classroom for some lessons!

The K2 class was learning about “Singapore” and our Kiddiwinkie children shared with their new friends on the various aspect of their country – its cuisine, culture and even games! Through the lesson, they learnt from each other some of the similarities and differences that both countries have.

The children tried their hands (and legs) on some traditional local games! Some games played that day were chapteh, kuti-kuti and five stones.

After their lesson, the children went for their dose of exercise and fun with our FIITercise programme. The children helped and encouraged each other through the different courses and obstacles.

Before the day ended, the children learnt some new dance moves and danced to a few songs together.

Our Kiddiwinkie children prepared a scrapbook of their drawings dedicated to their new friends, while our Harvard Star children prepared gifts and souvenirs from Chengdu. The children waited for their turn to exchange gifts and hugs with their buddy.

Our children had a fun-filled yet enriching day with their new friends from Harvard Star. Through the various activities – from learning and playing traditional games, dance, and cultural interaction – we hope to inculcate an understanding of diversities and differences, and cultural awareness among our children. This further aims to develop their leadership – one of Kiddiwinkie’s core values – in an unfamiliar environment and prepare the children for world readiness in a global classroom.

Through this immersion and exchange programme, we hope that our children will emerge as a cosmopolitan Kiddiwinkie kid!