Turn your CNY spring cleaning into a craft activity with your child!


Chinese New Year is around the corner and that’s when most Chinese family does their biggest spring cleaning of the year! As you are cleaning the house, throwing away unwanted stuff and decorating your humble abode for the festivities, why not recycle some of the stuff and make it into a Chinese New Year craft activity with your little ones to decorate your house in! Not only will it be a fun bonding experience for the family, it can also build cultural awareness with your children too!

Starting on the 5th of February this year, we will be ushering in the Year of the Pig! Let’s look at some animal and Chinese New Year related crafts ideas!

Fun Fact: The Pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac sign, shengxiao which will be repeated every 12 years.


Take a look at these simple steps to create a pig corner bookmark! Bookmark those bedtime story books or decorate your little library with these corner bookmark.



Or, DIY some piggy bank with these craft ideas by First Cry Parenting. You can use empty bottles, tissue boxes or even ceramic jars! It will also be a good opportunity to share about the habit of saving and inculcate a positive attitude towards money.



What about the classic angbao fish? A craft “tradition” through the years, we can also recycle those angbaos into decorative items around the house!



Lastly, what about a pig bottle to put all the delicious mandarin oranges in place of the usual basket?

Regardless of any craft activities you engage in with your little ones or just a good ol’ spring cleaning, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse wishes all our Chinese families and friends a Happy Lunar New Year!


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