Raising a bilingual child

Am I raising my bilingual child effectively? Will my child get confuse if I speak both languages to them? Are they progressing fast enough in their language? Times like this, it may seem frustrating and challenging to raise a bilingual child. While most parents are fully aware of the benefits that bilingualism holds, teaching a bilingual child is a long-term commitment and

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Ask the Expert: Tips for nurturing creative children

What is Creativity? Creativity is much more than just artistic expression, it is a way for children to express their feelings. Being creative allows children to think of new ideas, use their imagination and to create something new. Kids are born with a creative mind and vast imagination, they have a way of looking at things in a new perspective,
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‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ ENV

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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse – “Refer-a-Friend” Scheme

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