Raising a bilingual child

Am I raising my bilingual child effectively? Will my child get confuse if I speak both languages to them? Are they progressing fast enough in their language? Times like this, it may seem frustrating and challenging to raise a bilingual child. While most parents are fully aware of the benefits that bilingualism holds, teaching a bilingual child is a long-term commitment and

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Ask the Expert: Tips for nurturing creative children

What is Creativity? Creativity is much more than just artistic expression, it is a way for children to express their feelings. Being creative allows children to think of new ideas, use their imagination and to create something new. Kids are born with a creative mind and vast imagination, they have a way of looking at things in a new perspective,
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‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ ENV

As part of our ENV campus’ Start Small Dream Big project – an initiative by the Early Childhood Development Agency – our ENV campus organized a ‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival on the 7th of July 2018. ‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival was set up to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. It was prepared by our teachers and
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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse – “Refer-a-Friend” Scheme