[INFOGRAPHIC] Active Kids, Better Thinkers!

Today’s children are sitting a lot more than ever. Even worse, they spend lesser time in participating in physical activities than any previous generation.

This is bad news.

Experts from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital have stated that basic motor skills lay the foundation for early learning and language development.

So, why are children moving less?

Studies show that parents place safety as their biggest concern when choosing play activities for young children. This restricts the child’s mobility and freedom of movement in free play and outdoor play.

Coupled with the advance of modern technology , these devices and systems are easily available to support convenient and safe parenting of young children… indoors.


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Active Kids, Better Thinkers

Many studies confirm that active children tend to be learning more effectively since physical activity is a stimulus to brain development.

While engaging in physical play like rolling a big beach ball, stacking boxes of various sizes or kneading playdough, the children can develop a variety of skills.

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