About Us

The Creative Preschool

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is part of Nurture Education Group where our very first centre (located in Newton) started as The Kiddiwinkie Place years ago. With changes in the early childhood education landscape and incorporation of our parents’ feedback over the years, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was established in 2013. At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we believe in walking with our children, providing them with opportunities to develop into unique individuals.

Our Vision

To ignite creativity and nurture resilient leaders of tomorrow

Our Mission

We provide a holistic programme in an engaging learning environment that fuels curiosity and embraces diversity.

Core Values


Creativity, Happiness, Innovation, Leadership, Determination

Teaching Team

Passionate. Loving. Proficient.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has built a team of qualified educators – proficient in their relevant areas of childhood education – who are passionate about what they do and who they teach. Our teachers see the importance of expanding one’s creativity, especially from a young age, in order to nurture innovative leaders of tomorrow.


Best in Inspiring Creativity

We strive to nurture our children to become holistic individuals of society, cultivating global-mindedness, school readiness, and also to inspire creativity through our programme in order to shape them into well-rounded entities. Our goal is to allow children to experience not only the educational aspect of learning, but its fun and imaginative side as well.

Best Inquiry-based Childcare Programme

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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was awarded the Best Inquiry-based Childcare Programme from Young Parents’ SG Parents’ Choice Awards 2017/2018. Voted by parents, the Young Parents SG Parents’ Choice award recognises and celebrates the most well-loved brands and products amongst Singaporean parents.

SuperBrands 2017/2018

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Awarded the SuperBrands 2017/2018. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and offered to the most outstanding brands in their respective field.

Best in Inspiring Creativity

by Parents’ World 2014

Best in Inspiring Creativity As a testament to our efforts put into producing and implementing a creativity-inspired curriculum, Parents’ World named Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse the childcare that is “Best in Inspiring Creativity”, under their Best of the Best Preschool Awards 2014. Parents participated in the voting and we were honoured to have been chosen by them.

Classroom lessons at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse are delivered thematically, with innovative “Inquiry Corners” set up in every classroom across all levels. The Inquiry Corners are designed to educate through appealing to a child’s innate sense of curiosity and triggering his/her imagination. Instead of ploughing children with information, objects that elicit questions are placed at the Inquiry Corners, creating opportunities for effective and interactive learning. Furthermore, we cater Enrichment Programmes (hyperlink) that spur on creativity expression.

“We are very excited about the award and our team of educators are certainly encouraged. While we cannot teach creativity, we certainly can try and inspire it in our students. This award is a testament to our teachers’ hard work and that we are raising the bar in early childhood education,” concluded Julie Koh, CEO and Co-Founder of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse.

Reading Innovation Award


Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is among the preschools to win the Reading Innovation Award Distinction launched by National Library Board (NLB) to recognise preschools that come up with programmes to foster a love for reading among young children.

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Kiddiwinkie’s creativity inspired curriculum comprises of all inclusive enrichment programmes like Dance and Fine Art that are focused on creative expression as well as its creative lesson plans.

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