Ask an Expert : 5 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Love for Reading


Storytelling, enhanced with puppetry, music, songs and rhymes are the foundation for early literacy.

Research has revealed that the early years of a child are most critical when it comes to brain development.

Success in verbal skills lies in exposing your child to language and literacy at an early age.

The main question is, how do we get our littles ones interested in reading?

Though this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some ways to foster the love for reading in your child!

  1. Make reading easily accessible

Kiddiwinkie @ Lavender Reading Corner

At home, set up a quiet, cosy corner with good lighting. Keep shelves within your child’s reach, and with enough titles for them to have a good selection.

The warm, conducive environment will allow your child to connect cosiness and comfort with reading and he or she will eventually be more inclined to pick up the habit!

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Lavender


  1. Create a routine

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Read to your child regularly. Set a daily routine such as, reading before bedtime or while relaxing after meals.

The familiar setting allows your child to regard reading as a time of comfort and enjoyment!


  1. Let Your Child Choose!

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse Reading Programme

Reading becomes more enjoyable when a child makes his own choice. Provide opportunities for your child to choose his book for reading time!

Publishing house, Scholastic found that 42% of children prefer to read books that make them laugh. Present books of different genres that encourages imagination and exposes your child to a wider range of vocabulary.

Don’t worry if your child constantly selects the same book again.

Repetition helps children to develop their verbal and comprehension skills. Plus, they may even spot things they had missed out on before!

In our “Super Readers, Super Heroes” programme, children are given the autonomy to choose a book that they would like to read over the weekend.

The aim?

To capture their imagination and build their confidence as emerging readers!


  1. Be a role model

Instil good habits in the family; instead of screen time, make reading the main source of entertainment in your home!

After all, children learn by what they observe. When your children see you excited about reading, they will be encouraged to grab a book.

The bonus? Reading is an awesome way to spend quality time together!


  1. Have fun together

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Braddell

Rather than just staying indoors, why not take reading outdoors? Introduce your child to the wonderful print-rich environment just by strolling down your neighbourhood.

Help your child discover that words can be found everywhere, every day, from signboards to the menus at the restaurant.

Make it a game where they point out words they can identify, and celebrate each small success.

Other fun elements that make stories come alive are puppet plays, dramatic vocals and singing along to songs and rhymes.


With all these suggestions that doubles up as quality family bonding time, your child will stop seeing reading as “a chore” or “a bore!”


To learn more about our reading programmes and curriculum in general, schedule a school tour with us today!

About the Expert: Ms Pooja Vishindas

With over 15 years of early childhood experience, Pooja Vishindas is an expert in early care and education. A former preschool principal, she obtained her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) from the University of South Australia and earned a place on the Dean’s Merit list. At present, she is the Chief Curriculum Officer at Nurture Education Group.