12 Gifts Under $30!

With new toys on the shelves every season, which good play-value toys will make a great gift this Christmas?  Good play-value toys teach children new skills that are unique to their individuality. Such toys can be used in a variety of ways to ignite your child’s imagination through exploration.

One example of a good play-value toy is open-ended toys. They give your child the autonomy and freedom to practice self-initiated play. By fostering creativity and imagination, it helps children develop problem-solving and planning skills to face challenges.

Practical gifts such as infant skincare products are also a great option for the new-borns. Here are some key things to look out for when you shop for a trusted brand.

  • Free from chemicals, fragrance and preservatives
  • Irritant-free and good for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic products
  • PH balanced products
  • Natural and organic products

Ranging from infant skincare products to educational toys, here are 12 gift shopping ideas under $30 we’d love for our children to receive!

(Featuring ADN group, playhao and weeve)


  1. Bug Off My Baby

Kiddiwinkie recommends

“You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.” Inspired by this concept, Vanessa Megan Skincare Company formulated a blend of certified organic oil bases that moisturises skin and Bug Off your little ones! Her natural skincare products are free from chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, PEG’s, artificial preservatives, colours and fragrance. For 2 years & up, try Bug Off Me!

Suitable for ages 0 to 2 years old. $28.00 available at Glovida
Enjoy 10% off when you checkout with “KWXMAS16” from now till 31 Dec 2016. For bulk orders, please contact 8218 1929 (Charlotte-ADN Group)


  1. ONE-der Mosbuster Patch & Spray

Kiddiwinkie recommends

ONE-der Mosbuster is Singapore’s pioneer brand in mosquito repellent since 2004. It provides excellent protection against Aedes, Anopheles and Culex mosquitos. Tested and certified by London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine, ONE-der Mosbuster promises to keep your entire family safe from those pesky mozzies!

Suitable for ages 0 months & up. $7.90 (patch) & $9.90 (spray) available at Glovida
Enjoy 10% off when you checkout with “KWXMAS16” from now till 31 Dec 2016. For bulk orders, please contact 8218 1929 (Charlotte-ADN Group)


  1. Sophie La Girafe Baby Bubble Bath

Kiddiwinkie recommends

Children love spending time in foamy baths while playing with toys as they learn to sit up. Sophie La Girafe’s selection of safe organic ingredients cares for and protects your child’s skin during bath-time. Here’s to more enjoyable and relaxing bath-time moments with your baby!

Suitable for ages 0 months & up. $24.90


  1. Kid O Whale Squirt Toy

Kiddiwinkie recommends

Introduce your child to the basic principles of water pressure! Push the tail in slowly for a gentle spray, and faster for a more dramatic one. The high-quality ABS plastic makes it easy to keep clean. Check out Kid O range of toys (Floating Duck, Go Car, Tug Boat) which are all under $20!

Suitable for ages 2 & up. $19.90 available at playhao


  1. Automoblox Mini S9 Sedan

Kiddiwinkie recommends

The wonderfully crafted classic wooden car toy, infused with an edgy modern design, allows it to transform into a building block design system. Automoblox mini-series comes in a variety of models that can be taken apart and matched with other models to create unique car styles.

Suitable for ages 3 years & up. $19.90 available at playhao
  1. CAMDEN ROSE The Slow Race (Book & Puzzle)

Kiddiwinkie recommends

The story was conceptualised to introduce some of the ways in which three simple shapes can be organised to form a wide variety of people, animals and objects. This is not only fun, but also deeply educational, as it increases the capacity for both creativity and geometric thinking! While reading the story, children and adults alike can arrange and fit the blocks in the shapes pictured.

Suitable for ages 4 years & up. $24.00 available at playhao


  1. early stART First Dough

Kiddiwinkie recommends

The early stART First Dough is easy to mould and inspires creativity. The extra soft dough is non-toxic and encourages sensory development for toddlers. Different colours can even be mixed together to create new colours! The 4-tub pack is contained in an airtight tub that keeps the dough soft and easy to store. Expect hours of fun with the family with this toy!

Suitable for ages 2 years & up. $14.00 available at weeve


  1. early stART Zoo Crew Crayons

Kiddiwinkie recommends

early stART Zoo Crew Crayons double as fun finger puppets. Try drawing with them while they’re on your fingers! It includes a set of six animal shaped crayons in vibrant colours that encourages children to mix creativity with play.

Suitable for ages 2 years & up. $13.00 available at weeve


  1. Quicksand Mould & Play Set

Kiddiwinkie recommends

Sculpt your creation then poke and watch it collapse back to its original form. There’s just endless possibilities for imaginative play and sensory development! This low-mess modelling sand can be used over and over again, as it never dries out.

Suitable for ages 3 years & up, $15.00 available at weeve


  1. Easy Wash Finger Paint

Kiddiwinkie recommends

Every child deserves to be messy! For most children, the messier the play, the more fun it is! Good news, the thick, creamy texture is specially formulated for finger painting and are safe for little hands. It contains a non-toxic bitter taste to keep paint-covered fingers out of mouths and washes easily from skin with warm soapy water.

Suitable for ages 3 years & up. $18.00 available at weeve


  1. CPG Teether – Blue Chan

Kiddiwinkie recommends

Blue Chan is made from natural rubber that is soft, safe and non-toxic for children to chew. The bumpy head helps to sooth sore and teething gums. It is also designed to be grasped easily in their hands and lets out a soft squeak when squeezed!

Suitable for ages 0 months & up. $29.90
  1. PlanToys 50 Blocks Set

Kiddiwinkie recommendsPlanToys’ eco-friendly block set is made from All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood. Open-ended toys like this set reinforces natural learning and stimulates their imagination, creativity as well as planning skills.

Suitable for ages 2 years & up. $29.90

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