12 Gifts Under $30!

With new toys on the shelves every season, which good play-value toys will make a great gift this Christmas?  Good play-value toys teach children new skills that are unique to their individuality. Such toys can be used in a variety of ways to ignite your child’s imagination through exploration. One example of a good play-value toy is open-ended toys. They

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日本語クラス@キディーウィンキー Mid-Autumn Celebrations

At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we offer an eclectic mix of enrichment programmes aimed at boosting left and right brain development. Children will also get to exchange their cultural beliefs and legends through craft activities, story-telling, nursery rhymes and more. Here’s an update by Mai-sensei, our native Japanese teacher from Kiddiwinkie@Grandstand. 【お月見制作―2016年9月15日】 9月15日中秋の名月にむけて、お月見制作を行いました。 「本当にお月様にはうさぎさんが住んでるのかな?」 「おもちを食べにお月様からくるかもしれないよ!」などと 楽しく会話しながら、お月見の可愛い飾りができました! Fancy sending your child to a

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, The Moon Fairy and Mooncakes

Here at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we inspire curiosity through activities we conduct. One of which is by celebrating festivals observed by countries across the globe. We believe that our children learn best from experiencing events and these experiences will be valuable ones that stay with them for life. These are some of the activities we conduct at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse so our

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