Art Impressions

Playgroup – K2

Our Artsy Fingers programme celebrates how every child is an artist because art creation is an individual’s interpretation and expression. Each child will take pride in presenting and displaying his or her original creations, which boosts confidence and builds community by being accepting of others’ differing interpretations of a theme.

We believe that art and literature must be integrated together to develop and improve a child’s visual narrative, which stimulates their left and right brain.

Drawing inspiration from literature themes, our children will learn how to use different mediums and art techniques to express their thoughts and creativity!

Additionally, the programme instils self-confidence, self-expression, motor skills, and an appreciation for the arts.

Music and Movement Appreciation

Dance is a creative exploration of each child’s unique personality. As such, our Dancing Toes programme aims to provide an avenue for creative exploration and self – discovery.

Our young charges will be exposed to the various forms and styles of dance – from the foundations of classical ballet, to the modern styles of KPOP and hip hop.

Experience how Dancing Toes helps improve our students’ rhythm, coordination and motor skills by leaps and bounds!

In addition, our weekly music and movement sessions, as well as optional musical programmes in piano, will spark your child’s interest in the arts!



Fun, Interactive, Inspirational Training

Sports and active play have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. As such, our fun, interactive, inspirational training (FIIT) programme aims to instill healthy lifestyle habits in our little ones’ lives.

Through the mix of both indoor and outdoor games, we strive to impart the values of sportsmanship, which includes respect, self motivation, determination and teamwork.

With a variety of age-appropriate games and activities in FIITercise, our children will have a holistic developmental programme that will bring boundless fun for all!


International Culture and Cuisine Day

Held once every two months at various Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse campuses, children are engaged in an array of activities relating to a selected country, opening their eyes to the vast cultures of the world!

These activities are aimed at educating our children on the different cultural practises and beliefs globally. Past selected nations include France, Japan, China and Thailand, to name a few. This event lends a hand in cultivating global-minded children who are ready to take on a cosmopolitan society.


Literacy Rich Environment and Language Focus

On top of surrounding our children in an environment that is rich in literacy through the furnishing of classrooms and hallways with book shelves and featuring renown authors monthly, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse promotes the adoption of multiple languages. Having a strong command in more than one language is an asset that is increasingly popular around the world due to the rise of globalisation. Our childcare focuses largely on bilingualism, training our children to be fluent in their Mother Tongue. However, make no mistake, we do not only cater Mandarin. Our team of educators consists of Japanese and Korean teachers in charge of your children their native language effectively.


Science Discovery

Curiosity and wonder are natural instincts that children are especially drawn to. We encourage and enhance the children’s innate inquisitivity through exploring Science and discovering nature’s wonders around them through various in-class and off-campus activities and excursions.


Holiday Camps and Workshops

Holiday camps are organised every year-end for our K2s.

Filled with an enjoyable and interactive line-up of activities, the agenda will include relevant activities that stimulate social and prepare them for the transition between Preschool and Primary School.


Vitamin C Programme

“Planting seeds of Value, Boosting Character and Nurturing Superheroes”

Apart from our focus on educating children and maximising their learning potential, we place great emphasis on raising our children to become future leaders of strong values and exceptional traits.

The Vitamin C Programme is a character development programme which aims to instil lifelong values such as Kindness, Honesty, Perseverance, with the use of fun, age-appropriate activities for our children.

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